A/UX Screenshots

Most of these screenshots were produced using command+shift+3, or with Nobu Toge's Flash-It 3.0.2 utility. However, there were points (during the installation routines mostly) where actual screenshots were simply not possible. A few of the images were produced with the gimp under Linux, but I went to great lengths to make them pixel-accurate.

A/UX 3.0

A/UX 2.0

A/UX 1.1.1

A/UX 0.7

Several years ago, a beta-release of A/UX 1.0 surfaced on the internet... It appears to be a gzipped tarball of the root filesystem. I built a Macintosh II with a PMMU to try to get this running. I've had some success, but still encounter a kernel panic on boot. Click here for the gory details.

User Contributions

Over the years, many people have contributed to A/UX Penelope... including John Kullmann - the Director of A/UX Product Development, and an anonymous Apple engineer who was involved in the project for all major releases. I even received an email from Jim Jagielski - The primary author of the old A/UX FAQ, and the maintainer of the jagubox ftp. Several people have provided source code and compiled binaries for various A/UX utilities. My sincerest thanks to all who have contributed in any way.

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